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Handmade Italian Olive Wood and Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

  • £14.99

Discover the perfect blend of craftsmanship and elegance with our Handmade Bottle Opener, exquisitely crafted in Italy. This stunning piece combines the beauty of premium Italian olive wood with the durability of Italian stainless steel, resulting in a tool that is as functional as it is beautiful. Made in Italy, this bottle opener showcases the finest in Italian craftsmanship, blending traditional techniques and design. 

Each bottle opener features a beautifully smooth handle, meticulously turned from a single piece of sustainable olive wood. The rich grain and warm tones of the wood make every opener unique, reflecting the natural beauty and character of the olive tree from which it was crafted.

We only use wood from very old olive trees that have come to the end of their natural fruiting life and have already been replaced with younger, more productive trees. 

🌳We plant a tree with every order!
In yet another step in our sustainability and eco-friendly mission, we now work with the tree planting charities, Greenspark and the Eden Reforestation Projects, whose mission is to combat worldwide deforestation by employing local communities to plant trees, providing an empowering means to alleviate extreme poverty through environmental stewardship.

👋Hand finished with an odorless and flavourless, organic oil.

🌍Delivery to the US is within 2 working days, once dispatched. Yes, that is correct. Within 2 working days from the UK to US!

Length 130mm (5.11")

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