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Personalised Custom Bespoke Cutting Board

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Elevate your gift-giving game with our meticulously crafted Personalised Olive Wood Cutting Board. Designed to blend timeless elegance with functional artistry, this cutting/cheese board is the ultimate expression of love and togetherness, making it an ideal present for couples celebrating any special moment. Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, engagement, or housewarming, our personalised olive wood cutting board is a versatile gift that suits any occasion. It's a symbol of their bond and a reminder of the wonderful memories they share in the kitchen.

Each cheese board is handcrafted from premium olive wood, showcasing its stunning natural grain patterns, warm hues and rustic bottom edge. This ensures that every piece is unique, just like the couple it's meant for.

Our chopping boards are not only beautiful decorative pieces but also a practical addition to any kitchen. It's designed to withstand daily use, making it perfect for slicing, dicing, and chopping their way to delicious meals together.

Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our choice of materials. Olive wood is known for its sustainability and longevity, making this cutting board not only a special gift but also an eco-friendly one as we only use wood from very old tress that have come to the end of their natural fruiting life.

& another step forward for sustainability!
By now choosing to not brand our gift boxes, we're encouraging recipients to engage in sustainable practices by reusing, repurposing, or regifting them. This approach reduces waste and promotes a more eco-friendly way of celebrating occasions. It also aligns with the growing awareness of environmental responsibility and encourages a circular approach to gift giving. Providing versatile and unbranded gift boxes gives them a longer lifespan and encourages creative thinking on how they can be used beyond their original purpose. This is a another great step towards promoting sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of our gift packaging.

Hand finished with organic hemp oil.

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Made from:
Each board has been carved from one piece of Italian olive wood, which is a very beautiful and a very hard wood. Every piece is completely unique with stunning grain patterns and colour.

Product Specifications:
Material: Premium Olive Wood
Personalization: Engrave with Initials, names, date and/or message instead of a date.
Care Instructions: Hand wash only; apply food-safe mineral or vegetable oil regularly. Care guide included.

Four sizes available. Please check the dimensions carefully before ordering.
7.9" x 5.9" x 0.8" (20cm x 15cm x 2cm) - Perfectly handy for chopping herbs, chilies, garlic, ginger, cheese, etc. (MAIN IMAGE)
11.8" x 5.9" x 0.8" (30cm x 15cm x 2cm) - Great for serving cheese, chopping veg, and as above.
15.7" x 6.8" x 0.8" (40cm x 17cm x 2cm) - As above again....but looks great as a serving and presentation board on the dining table. (MAIN IMAGE)
19.7" x 7.9" x 0.8" (50cm x 20cm x 2cm) - As above, but large enough to serve as a Charcuterie board! (GIFT BOXES ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS SIZE)

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