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2 Piece Honey Pot and Honey Drizzler Set

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Savor the sweetness of life with our handcrafted olive wood honey pot. Whether drizzling honey over your morning toast or adding a touch of sweetness to your favorite recipes, its allure and functionality make every moment a delight. Our stunning traditional, handcrafted olive wood honey pot, the epitome of rustic charm and sustainable elegance. Crafted from the finest olive wood, each pot comes complete with a snug-fitting lid and a delicate honey spoon, adding both functionality and beauty to your kitchen.

Sustainable Craftsmanship:
Embrace eco-conscious living with our honey pot, meticulously crafted from sustainable and natural olive wood. We pride ourselves on using wood sourced only from venerable trees that have completed their fruitful cycle, embodying years of carbon capture and environmental stewardship.

Nature's Bounty Preserved:
Experience the timeless allure of olive wood, a material that not only exudes rustic charm but also preserves the essence of nature's bounty. From the intricate grain patterns to the rich hues, each honey pot tells a story of authenticity and natural beauty.
 A Gift of Distinction:
Elevate your gifting game with our Olive Wood Honey Pot. Perfect for housewarmings, weddings, or any occasion that calls for a thoughtful and timeless present, it's a gift that embodies both luxury and sustainability.
Care Instructions
Hand wash only with warm, light soapy water. Treat with olive, coconut or any other food grade oil to bring back out the natural colour and grain of the olive. 

Olive Pot
Diameter x Height 

Drizzle Length

Grain will vary as each piece is unique and natural. 

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